Using common sense regarding the human body, we can all agree that "If you don't use it - you lose it." Today, many people are turning to sports and exercise for a variety of reasons - and they understand that being active is an important part of life. Some want to avoid early degeneration of joints while others want to maintain a healthy weight. In any case, there's no wrong reason for wanting to stay active.

At Chiro Clinic Moncton, we encourage our patients to adopt healthier lifestyles by adding individualized exercise into their busy lives. You don't need to be a super athlete to start being active. We Can Help! Knowing what to do and NOT do is very important - especially if pain or stiffness is involved. After all, some exercise is beneficial to some but detrimental to others.

Dr Ryan Coster, your Moncton chiropractor, has many years of experience managing muscle and joint conditions - and will always suggest appropriate exercise for your individual level of fitness to enhanc...

Since I started practicing as a Chiropractor, my patients have always been happy with the fact that I spend time treating muscles before administering any joint manipulation or mobilisation. For musculoskeletal conditions, I will always spend time treating both the MUSCLE and JOINT components. In my opinion, providing treatment to both allows for faster resolution of symptoms.

Dr Ryan Coster is an experienced Chiropractor providing the people of Greater Moncton with exceptional chiropractic care. Need an Appointment? Call (506) 852-3900

As a Chiropractor, I often get asked if poor posture may be contributing to a patient's persistent headaches. My answer is always the same, which is - "quite possibly." You see, there are many reasons for why a person may be experiencing headaches and it's very important to establish a diagnosis early rather than later. 

Obviously there are several possible causes ranging from sinister life threatening strokes to simple and benign tension-type headaches. And yes, those annoying tension-type headaches can certainly be aggravated and brought on by poor posture, particularly with forward rolled shoulders when sitting at a desk for example. When the upper back rolls forward into a "kyphotic" posture, the head translates forward placing unnecessary strain on the neck musculature. These muscles get overworked, leading to tightness, which subsequently reduces overall joint motion of the neck itself, and pain is referred to the head. Saying "just sit up straight" to these pa...

Friday night sporting injury? Saturday morning gardening strain? Or just too busy to make a weekday appointment? No worries - Chiro Clinic Moncton is happy to provide SATURDAY morning appointments from 9am to 12noon. We provide exceptional treatment to MUSCLES and JOINTS. Call (506) 852-3900 for an appointment.

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