Everyday at Chiro Clinic Moncton, I consult several women in varying stages of pregnancy who are experiencing musculoskeletal pain or are trying to avoid it from happening in the first place. In fact, current research suggests that 50-85% of women will experience back pain at some stage during their pregnancy, with other common complaints including wrist pain and leg cramps. Their bodies are changing daily throughout pregnancy and this unfortunately places additional strain on muscles and joints. With average weight gain during pregnancy being approximately 20-30 lbs and mostly around the abdomen, it's easy to see why the back, hips, knees, and ankles may become overloaded. Though many women adopt strategies to cope with the pain - such as yoga, pilates, swimming etc - a large majority will experience some form of musculoskeletal discomfort that warrants treatment - and Chiropractic can help! 

Generally, a pregna...

At Chiro Clinic Moncton, I often get asked what types of exercise are generally best. While there are many different reasons as to why a person may start exercising in the first place, typically we are ALL interested in staying mobile for as long as possible. 

The human body craves proper movement and does not thrive on repetitive predictable exercise. Emerging research is suggesting that exercise "progressions" may be the way forward in keeping body from becoming "bored" with certain movements. In other words, do not let your exercise become stale - and instead set goals for gradually progressing forward. If you enjoy cycling, don't simply cycle for 30 minutes everyday at the same intensity or on the exact same path. Switch it up - add some hills or increase the speed for example. You may choose to increase the speed on flat terrain, or decrease the speed with more hills. In any case, your body is less prone to get "bored" if you are constantly challe...

At Chiro Clinic Moncton, Dr Ryan Coster provides numerous techniques to treat musculoskeletal complaints. This excellent video from the Canadian Chiropractic Association clearly explains one of these treatment methods known as chiropractic adjustment. Modern research validates chiropractic treatment as a safe & cost-effective way to manage muscle and joint pain. 

Chiropractic adjustment (or joint manipulation) is very gentle and involves clear communication with the patient to ensure maximum comfort. Knowing when or how to apply this technique is a skill that Dr Ryan Coster has mastered over many years. In conjunction with muscle releases and exercise prescription, chiropractic adjustment is a valuable tool to get people moving and out of pain quickly! 

Chiro Clinic Moncton is proud to serve the Greater Moncton community. Call (506) 852-3900

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Scoliosis is abnormal curvature of the spine, where the vertebrae themselves also tend to rotate inappropriately causing further distortion. Occasionally in clinic, I will encounter a young patient in their mid to late teens who demonstrates significant signs of spinal scoliosis - which should have been detected earlier. When I point this out to the parents, they're often mortified due to being completely unaware. Now, in serious cases, this should be picked up early for obvious reasons - but even mild or moderate scoliosis should be identified and monitored. Scoliosis can cause serious health problems. 

Chiro Clinic Moncton is happy to assess children for scoliosis and any other spinal curvature abnormality. Get this checked early! Though I generally don't provide treatment to correct the scoliosis, an early diagnosis is essential and specialist referral can be facilitated if required. 

FYI - Scoliosis affects girls twice as much as...

Chiro Clinic Moncton would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a HAPPY CANADA DAY! The weather is beautiful and it's a fabulous opportunity to get active outdoors! So, lather up with sunscreen and enjoy some healthy exercise on this gorgeous summer day! 

Keep those joints and muscles MOVING! If you seize up, the clinic will be open Monday for all your musculoskeletal needs. We'll keep you active!  

Chiro Clinic Moncton (506) 852-3900  29 Mountain Road, Moncton NB

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