On a daily basis at Chiro Clinic Moncton, I consult patients who are experiencing discomfort localised to the outside region of their hip, which may extend further down the the side of the leg. Though these people often believe it's sciatica - most often times it's not. 

When a patient suffers direct impact trauma to the bony side of their hip or repetitive flicking of tendons around that area - an emergency response system fires up! A fluid-filled sac called a "bursae" inflates like a balloon to avoid further injury to the region - this is called Trochanteric Bursitis. Though it is extremely painful, in essence, it's a protective mechanism for the body. In any case, early treatment is essential because as inflammation pools, you begin to compensate by overloading other joints and muscles. Soon, the imminent limping will cause knee pain and lower back discomfort. While cortisone injections used to be a popular treatment, many people are turning to other methods such as Chiropr...

I have many years of experience in treating golf injuries, mostly while working with Australian former LPGA pro golfer Shani Waugh. Together, we developed a biomechanical assessment program where we examined swing paths and highlighted areas that were potentially vulnerable to injury. Besides the common repetitive strain known as golfer's elbow, these are the most common injuries treated at Chiro Clinic Moncton

1. Rib Joints - When swinging a golf club properly, most rotation comes from the upper/mid back (thoracic spine), which is where your ribs are also located. When being too aggressive or not shifting your hips early enough in the swing, you risk over-rotating the spine and jamming the ribs. This typically leads to pain and swelling in the rib joints and sprained ligaments - most commonly on the left side in a right-handed golfer. 

2. Medial Meniscus of the Knee - During the downward swing, not properly translating your weight from one leg t...

At Chiro Clinic Moncton, I actually have a foam roller in my treatment room to demonstrate what NOT to do when using one. Though there are many great applications for the foam roller in relieving muscle tension, rubbing it aggressively along your iliotibial bands is not a good idea. Current scientific research suggests that pain localised to the side of the thigh is more typically due to weak gluteals and irritation of a fat pad deep to the band itself. This theory is supported because the ITB is more like fascia rather a contractile muscle - and when a person's entire body weight is placed upon this region while using a foam roller, it more than likely causes pain due to irritation of that fatty tissue.

But it hurts, so it must be good, right? WRONG. People who use the foam roller directly on the ITB are likely to suffer further injury to the region, simply due to aggressive soft tissue irritation. Chances are, even if a person feels they are ge...

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