Dr Ryan Coster & Chiro Clinic Moncton enjoy educating the community about the importance of Proper Posture. Though you may not be experiencing any pain yet, inappropriate posture can eventually lead to problems that could otherwise have been preventable. Take the time to assess your posture using the infographic above. If you are concerned or having difficulty with maintaining these recommendations, feel free to organise an appointment with Dr Coster for assessment. In most cases, posture can be improved with treatment and/or corrective exercises to maximise mobility. 

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Everyday at Chiro Clinic Moncton, I consult many patients who either spend too much time sitting or are sitting inappropriately altogether. This video will highlight the importance of good seated posture to avoid discomfort and future injury.

Protect your spine and avoid unnecessary strain on the discs, joints, and muscles.

Be proactive! Sit up straight! 

If you are having trouble maintaining upright erect posture while sitting, Chiro Clinic Moncton can help. Call (506) 852-3900 to arrange an appointment or visit www.ChiroClinicMoncton.ca for more information. 

Dr Ryan Coster  

Everyday at Chiro Clinic Moncton, I find myself reminding patients on the importance of balancing out movements of the spine. Many people spend a good portion of their day in the bent-over position with forward-rolled shoulders and over time this causes problems. 

It's all about balancing out flexion and extension movements of the spine, and unfortunately the latter often gets left out. With increasing amounts of seated postures at work and excessive mobile phone use, the amount of spinal extension in our daily lives is dwindling. However, with proper stretching (and in some cases...treatment) - you can get back on the right track! 

Happy watching! Remember - if you don't use it, you lose it, and it's a lot harder to get back later. Be proactive in balancing out the movement of your spine. 

If you're having trouble doing these movements, call (506) 852-3900. We can help!


Dr Ryan Coster is an experienced chiropractor in Moncton, New Brunswick. He is dedicate...

As a Chiropractor, I often get asked if poor posture may be contributing to a patient's persistent headaches. My answer is always the same, which is - "quite possibly." You see, there are many reasons for why a person may be experiencing headaches and it's very important to establish a diagnosis early rather than later. 

Obviously there are several possible causes ranging from sinister life threatening strokes to simple and benign tension-type headaches. And yes, those annoying tension-type headaches can certainly be aggravated and brought on by poor posture, particularly with forward rolled shoulders when sitting at a desk for example. When the upper back rolls forward into a "kyphotic" posture, the head translates forward placing unnecessary strain on the neck musculature. These muscles get overworked, leading to tightness, which subsequently reduces overall joint motion of the neck itself, and pain is referred to the head. Saying "just sit up straight" to these pa...

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