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What is Chiropractic Medicine?

Your Moncton Chiropractors Offers Treatment for Pregnant Patients in Moncton
Dr Ryan Coster, a chiropractor in Moncton, treats headaches and neck pain
Chiro Clinic Moncton, your Moncton chiropractor treats low back pain.
Dr Ryan Coster your Moncton Chiropractor treats headaches and migraine in Moncton New Brunswick
.: ​Manual Adjustments

Being highly trained, chiropractors often use specific low-force gentle joint manipulations (adjustments) to manage and relieve symptoms associated with musculoskeletal problems. We use bones as levers and guide them through specifically restricted joint ranges of motion, which also stretch adjacent soft tissue such as muscles and tendons. This rarely causes any discomfort. 


The "clicking" or "cracking" sound often heard coming from within the joint during manipulation is simply a gas bubble being released due to pressure. In fact, this gas is mostly composed of carbon dioxide, the same substance that we breath out when exhaling. It has nothing to do with bones impacting together and has an excellent safety record. 


Increased joint range of motion, pain reduction, and improved spinal stabilisation are produced when applying chiropractic manual manipulation adjustments as a treatment method.  

Moncton Chiropractor Chiro Clinic Moncton uses light manipulations to treat back pain in Moncton.
.: ​Soft Tissue Techniques

To complement manual joint manipulation, we offer cutting-edge muscle treatment techniques at every visit. Addressing the complex muscular system of the body is of paramount importance in effectively treating most musculoskeletal conditions. As one of the primary stabilisers of joint structures, muscles can significantly reduce joint range of motion when tight or weak. This may lead to unnecessary early degeneration.


Muscles have a healthy nerve supply, and thus can become very painful if irritated or tight. If discomfort persists, sufferers are less likely to use these muscles which further impedes joint range of motion. Of equal importance are weak or inhibited muscles. If you are not properly using the muscular system to coordinate joint range of motion, then maximum mechanical potential is not being realised. After all, adequate strength and activation of muscles is essential for many basic movement patterns of the body.


Remember - if you don't move it - you lose it. 

Dr Ryan Coster Moncton Chiropractor uses muscle therapy and massage to treat back pain.
.: Alternate Techniques

While most people undergoing chiropractic care prefer manual joint manipulation and soft tissue therapy, there are effective alternative treatment methods available using extremely low force.


Under certain circumstances, your chiropractor may choose to provide treatment using these techniques. Patients who are elderly, very young, nervous, in severe pain, or with complicated medical histories may benefit from these techniques. 


Examples of these methods include using handheld adjusting tools, orthopedic pelvic blocks, acupuncture or dry needling, and drop table joint mobilisation etc. Though their application is "lighter" in nature, results are often extraordinary for those who cannot receive manual joint manipulation and soft tissue therapy.

Dr Ryan Coster Chiro Clinic Moncton is a chiropractor treating injuries and can use low force.
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