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Our dedicated independent contractor practitioners and staff provide a leading healthcare environment supported by outstanding professionals committed to excellence in serving and educating you towards achieving optimal musculoskeletal health. By respecting individuality, we pride ourselves on providing patient-focussed care that is likely to far exceed your clinical expectations. Our goal is to provide you with world-class chiropractic, massage therapy, and physiotherapy provided by Marcel Melanson PT. 

Dr Ryan Coster Moncton Chiropractor Chir
Chiro Clinic Moncton is a member of Canadian Chiropractic Association
Chiro Clinic Moncton Treats Athletes in Moncton New Brunswick
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Chiro Clinic Moncton is a member of Canadian Chiropractic Association
Chiro Clinic Moncton is a member of Canadian Chiropractic Association
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Dr Ryan Coster Chiro Clinic Moncton is an Experienced Moncton Chiropractor
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Dr. Ryan Coster DC MChir BSc C.Dir - Chiropractor

Dr. Coster is an experienced chiropractor in Moncton, New Brunswick who focusses on providing the latest research supported techniques to his patients in clinic. Having worked in Australia for several years, he has an extensive background in managing musculoskeletal injuries for all types of people - including many professional PGA golfers and Australian football athletes. By addressing joint and muscle problems in addition to prescribing corrective exercises, his focus is on maximising clinical results. 


Originally from Moncton, Dr. Coster takes pride in being a true academic.  He attended Canada’s top undergraduate institution, Mount Allison University, and completed a pre-medicine Bachelor of Science degree with double majors in biology and commerce. Dr. Coster then traveled to Scandinavia where he began a two-year postgraduate business administration program at Mid Sweden University. Upon graduation, he then moved to Sydney, Australia where he would spend four years attaining a professional doctorate in chiropractic at Macquarie University - graduating top of his class as "summa cum laude" and valedictorian (Dux). Additionally, Dr. Coster has also received Macquarie University's Academic Excellence Award and Student of the Year Prize. 


Dr. Coster is an expert in spinal diagnosis and has a strong passion for chiropractic's applicability in effectively treating neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Through evidence-based delivery of care, he enables patients to function optimally and avoid progression into degenerative states. His current research interests include intervertebral disc pathology and rehabilitative chiropractic management in athletes. Most recently, he has authored chapters in the highly acclaimed medical textbook titled "Differential Diagnosis for the Physical & Manipulative Therapies" by Dr. Robyn Beirman MD. When not treating or attending conferences - Dr. Coster enjoys spending time with family, scuba-diving, and avidly supporting organised sport. Dr. Coster has served on the Board of Directors for Chiropractic Australia, been a member of Sports Medicine Australia, and is currently the President of the New Brunswick Chiropractors Association. 

Dr Natasha Goudreau DC BSc Kin - Chiropractor (Independant Contractor)

Dr Goudreau was born and raised in Shediac, New Brunswick. She is an alumnus from Université de Moncton, where she earned a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology. While there, Dr Goudreau discovered that her passion lied in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions and decided to further her studies to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. She graduated a part of the Phi Chi Omega honours society from New York Chiropractic College.

Dr Goudreau follows an evidence-based approach to treating a wide variety of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. She enjoys keeping up to date with the latest research studies by furthering her education through extra seminars and workshops. Furthermore, Dr Goudreau is dedicated to providing exceptional health and wellness care to her patients. Her goal is to educate patients on their condition and create individualized treatment plans to allow for optimal healing. 

Dr Jacob Swim DC BSc Kin - Chiropractor (Independant Contractor)

Dr Swim was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. He completed his undergraduate degree in kinesiology at Dalhousie University with first class honours, then moved on to earning his doctorate in chiropractic with honours at the Canadian Memorial College of Chiropractic in Toronto. With a strength and conditioning background, Dr Swim's clinical interests include sports-related injuries, development of return to work active care programs, and chronic musculoskeletal pain. 

Embracing the latest scientific research, Dr Swim practices in a manner that emphasises a combination of both manual therapy and active exercise rehabilitation. His professional goal is to ultimately provide education to patients so that they may better understand their condition, with an emphasis on active rehabilitation. In his spare time, he enjoys powerlifting and playing golf. 

Marcel Melanson PT Physiotherapist (Independant Contractor)

Marcel graduated from the University of Moncton with a bachelors's degree in kinesiology. He then pursued further studies at the University of Laval to complete a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy. Since that time, Marcel has enjoyed working as a physiotherapist not only with the general public, but also directly with various sports teams including University of Moncton men's hockey.


With a keen interest in staying current, Marcel has completed many postgraduate programs including selective functional movement assessment (SFMA), dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation (DNS), Movement System Impairment Syndromes, and the Mulligan Concept, to name a few. In addition to loving golf as a hobby, Marcel currently maintains level 3 certification in the prestigious Titleist Performance Institute program to assist golfers with recurring injuries and performance enhancement. As an independent contractor, Marcel provides exceptional value to our multidisciplinary clinic. For more information, you may wish to peruse Marcel's personal website

Marie-Elisabeth St-Laurent PT Physiotherapist (Independant Contractor)

Marie-Elisabeth, originally from Rimouski QC, is an experienced physiotherapist and has practiced in Moncton since receiving her Master's degree from University of Sherbrooke. Of which, she also received the prestigious Physiotherapy Student of the Year prize for academic merit and faculty involvement. With a keen interest in managing musculoskeletal conditions, she has undertaken additional studies in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Functional Movement Systems (FMS), and the Advanced Physical Therapy Upper Extremity certification program.


Among Marie-Elisabeth's various interests outside of work, she has always been fascinated with learning to speak new languages. Though a bit rusty at times, she can speak German and Spanish, while also recently beginning Japanese classes. 

If you or someone you know are suffering with a musculoskeletal complaint, arrange an appointment with physiotherapist Marie-Elisabeth. She brings an extraordinary amount of value to our growing multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

Chelsea Coster RMT Registered Massage Therapist (Independant Contractor)

Born and raised in Moncton, New Brunswick, Chelsea takes great pride in assisting the community by providing exceptional massage therapy services. She completed her two year massage therapy education and training at Eastern College in Moncton NB, while undertaking additional speciality courses in neuromuscular fascia alignment (NFA). Chelsea graduated at the top of her class and continues to demonstrate a keen interest in developing research to expand the massage therapy profile in healthcare. Additionally, she previously taught several courses for the massage therapy students at Eastern College. 


While Chelsea offers outstanding service to anyone undergoing her massage therapy, she does have a special interest in treating athletes and pregnant women. Through the application of various massage techniques - Chelsea seems to work her "magic" with all clients. When not treating at Chiro Clinic Moncton, she enjoys exercising and relaxing with her loved ones. For more information, have a browse of her website

Brittany Melanson RMT Registered Massage Therapist (Independant Contractor)

Originally from Moncton NB, Brittany is very passionate about providing the highest quality healthcare to her clientele. After excelling in her massage therapy studies at Eastern College, she is very keen to manage different types of injury management. Working alongside physiotherapists and chiropractors, Brittany is happy to offer exceptional multidisciplinary care to her Greater Moncton clientele. With a keen interest in sports injuries, cupping, concussion, temporomandibular (TMJ) dysfunction, and myofascial release technique - she adds a tremendous amount of value to the Chiro Clinic Moncton team.


When not treating patients, Brittany enjoys volunteering at charity community events, studying advanced clinical techniques, and spending time with family.  

Brooke Warman RMT Registered Massage Therapist (Independant Contractor)

With a keen focus on her patients, Brooke is very driven and motivated to maximise clinical results. After completing her massage therapy studies at Eastern College, she began practicing in Moncton NB. Focussing on a wide variety of conditions, she is very familiar with sports injuries, motor vehicle accident management, rehabilitation, TMJ disorders, and muscular strains. With certifications in cupping, myofascial release, sports specialisation, and pregnancy massage - Brooke is an asset to Chiro Clinic Moncton. She delivers world class care to her clients.  


Outside of clinic, Brooke enjoys teaching anatomy and massage technique courses at Eastern College and spending time with friends/family. She is currently on maternity leave.

Janie Gagne RMT Registered Massage Therapist (Independant Contractor)

Janie is a very experienced clinician, initially graduating from the University of Moncton with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, then going on to pursue a qualification in massage therapy. The medical management aspect of sports injury has always been a passion of Janie, this leading to her primary focus on applying myofascial release therapy to her patients for optimal results. Janie's area of expertise lies in sports massage and the management of chronic musculoskeletal problems. 


Outside of treating at the clinic or within Veteran's homes, Janie enjoys spending time with family and further her education at specialty seminars. By adopting a multidisciplinary approach, she regularly engages in a team based approach to musculoskeletal care with the clinic's physiotherapists and chiropractors. 

Jillian Spicer RMT Registered Massage Therapist (Independant Contractor)

Born and raised in Moncton, NB, Jillian graduated from Moncton High and went on to pursue her career in Massage Therapy at Eastern College. Jillian fully embraces a multidisciplinary culture, and plays an integral role in supporting the team every chance she gets. She's always the first to volunteer, and has an upbeat disposition that makes everyone feel at ease. 


Jillian feels that our team excels in offering collaborative care. She enjoys hearing about her client's optimal results due to the clinic's multi-modal approach to musculoskeletal treatment. 


Jillian works with all muscular conditions, but particularly enjoys working with pregnant prenatal clients, in addition to sciatic nerve pain sufferers and those experiencing lower back pain. In her spare time, Jillian enjoys spending time with family and friends, travelling the world, and spending time at her family cottage.


Courtney Waterman RMT Registered Massage Therapist (Independant Contractor)

Originally from St John's Newfoundland, Courtney is dedicated to providing her patients with exceptional massage therapy services. With a special interest in deep tissue and cupping, she combines various techniques and exercises to maximise recovery. Additionally, Courtney is very passionate about Yoga and how it can be utilised to restore mobility to the human body. 

Since moving to NB from the NFLD Rock, Courtney has enjoyed helping the people of Greater Moncton on their path to wellness and recovery. Tight muscles? Sore? She's happy to help! 


Dominique LeBlanc RMT Registered Massage Therapist (Independant Contractor)

Upon completion of her 2200 hour massage training course, Dominique embraced the idea of managing a variety of different musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Using her knowledge and expertise, she combines traditional Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques to provide clients with individualised care. Dominique enjoys treating repetitive strains, work injuries, prenatal patients, athletes, and essentially anyone who could benefit from her services. Staying current with continuing education is a passion, to ensure she's providing the most up-to-date treatment techniques to maximise clinical results. 

Dominique is a very active individual with a love for nature, rock climbing, and anything adventurous. She's bilingual in both French and English.


Melissa Daigle Lead Medical Administrator & Reception

Melissa is a vital part of the Chiro Clinic Moncton team. Not only does she provide outstanding administrative service to both the patients and practitioners, but also takes great pride in her role. Melissa's attention to detail and impressive work ethic is sure to provide patients with the best experience while seeking service at Chiro Clinic Moncton. She's the first person patients meet on entry to the clinic, and always with a smile!  

Danielle Roy Medical Administration & Reception

With a keen eye for detail, Danielle is a fabulous member of our administration team. Having past experience working at medical clinics, she is ready to provide our patients with an exceptional customer service experience. On her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. If you need anything, Danielle is here to help!  

Denise Belzile Medical Administration & Reception

With a keen eye for organisational detail, Denise is an asset on our administration team. Answering phones, booking appointments, faxing, liaising with clinicians - she does it all! Outside of performing outstanding medical admin work, she can be found teaching evening dance classes for children, which she loves. 

Lindsay Ball BA Medical Administration & Support

With an extensive background in administration work and a law degree from Carleton University, Lindsay is an asset to the clinic. As a jack-of-all-trades, she handles various administrative tasks that contribute to the running of an exceptional clinic. Placing customer service at the centre of attention, Lindsay will be happy to assist in any way to maximise your experience with us. 

Jordan Smith Certified Yoga Instructor

Jordan started practicing Yoga as a form of rehabilitation after sustaining a sporting injury in 2009. She soon fell in love with the practice of yoga and how it can be applied to all types of bodies and abilities. Jordan began studying to become an instructor in 2014 and has since accumulated over 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. Believing that each body is unique, she understands that everyone explores yoga poses differently, and strives to offer pose variations for those with physical limitations. Jordan looks forward to meeting you on your mat at one of her popular yoga classes.  

Jonny Reeves Certified Personal Trainer 

Being very active in sports his entire life, Jonny entered into competitive bodybuilding in 2015 and has since acquired 1 bronze, 1 silver and 6 gold medals​. Although bodybuilding is a passion of his, helping others become active and healthy to relieve pain is his main interests. After overcoming a debilitating back injury, Jonny has gained great insight and education on working around low back pain and other injuries, in addition to exercing in a manner that will prevent the injury from occurring in the first place.

Issa Sports Nutrition Specialist

DTS Low Back Specialist

M|WOD Movement and Mobility Specialist

DTS Fascial Mobility Training - Table Stretching

CFP Children's Fitness Coach

Pier-Luc Roy Physiotherapist (Independant Contractor)

Pier-Luc is a graduate from Université de Montréal and is looking to bring some his passion of treating running injuries to our team. During his academic training, he dealt with a variety of medical conditions such as spinal cord pathology, traumatic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, and numerous orthopaedic presentations. Pier-Luc has your health in mind and wants to get you back doing the things you love, without pain or stiffness. Using a multidisciplinary approach, with both exercise and hands-on care, he looks forward to helping uni overcome injury quickly.

Lori McPhee Physiotherapist (Independant Contractor) 

Bringing years of experience of physiotherapy management both in private practice and extramural care, Lori is a wonderful member on our team of professionals. She enjoys taking the time to carefully assess your musculoskeletal condition, and providing outstanding physiotherapy care to maximise recovery. 

Lori is happy to assess a variety of conditions, for patients ageing from children to the elderly. Once under her care, you'll be impressed at her wealth of knowledge.