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The Clinic

Dr. Ryan Coster founded and opened Chiro Clinic Physical Rehab & Massage, a state-of-the-art medical clinic located in Moncton, New Brunswick to provide modern research-based chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture treatment for your musculoskeletal complaints. Understanding that multiple treatment types often work better together, the clinic offers collaborative care by independent contractors consisting of chiropractic, remedial massage, in addition to physiotherapy provided by Marcel Melanson PT. For professional service delivery and environmental respect, the clinic is largely paperless with computer-based systems in place for note-taking, exercise prescription, and practice management procedures. 


Chiro Clinic Physical Rehab & Massage is a chiropractic and multidisciplinary clinic devoted to offering high-quality individualised assessment and treatment, based on the latest medical research. We are efficient, effective, and evolving with the times. This clinic respects the need for patient-focussed healthcare. Our mission is to keep you moving better, for longer and pain-free, so as to maximise your human mechanical function. We motivate and encourage our patients to respect the body and choose healthier lifestyle paths. We are experts in spinal health and as a result have become well-respected industry leaders within the Greater Moncton community. 


Our purpose is to deliver world-class musculoskeletal healthcare to you and the community, as supported by research. The specific treatment we provide will allow each and every individual patient to maximise his or her own body's musculoskeletal potential. To complement treatment, we also encourage patients to take responsibilty of their own bodies with preventative exercises and lifestyle modifications so as to avoid unnecessary early degeneration. Everyday, our Moncton chiropractor provides exceptional musculoskeletal healthcare to patients  - who feel comfortable and well cared for. 



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Dr Ryan Coster is a member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association
Dr Ryan Coster Chiro Clinic Moncton offers Sports Medicine to Moncton Patients
Dr Ryan Coster Moncton Chiropractor Provides Exercise Prescription to Patients in Moncton
Dr Ryan Coster is a Chiropractor in Moncton Who Practiced in Australia for Many Years
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