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Spinal Scoliosis in Children: Pay Attention!

Scoliosis is abnormal curvature of the spine, where the vertebrae themselves also tend to rotate inappropriately causing further distortion. Occasionally in clinic, I will encounter a young patient in their mid to late teens who demonstrates significant signs of spinal scoliosis - which should have been detected earlier. When I point this out to the parents, they're often mortified due to being completely unaware. Now, in serious cases, this should be picked up early for obvious reasons - but even mild or moderate scoliosis should be identified and monitored. Scoliosis can cause serious health problems.

Chiro Clinic Moncton is happy to assess children for scoliosis and any other spinal curvature abnormality. Get this checked early! Though I generally don't provide treatment to correct the scoliosis, an early diagnosis is essential and specialist referral can be facilitated if required.

FYI - Scoliosis affects girls twice as much as boys and typically starts to present between age 8-11. If you notice any child having abnormal spinal curvature, uneven hips/shoulders, off-center head position, or with recurrent back pain - please call the clinic for an appointment with Dr Ryan Coster.

Call Chiro Clinic Moncton on (506) 852-3900

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