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Pregnancy-Related Back Pain

Everyday at Chiro Clinic Moncton, I consult several women in varying stages of pregnancy who are experiencing musculoskeletal pain or are trying to avoid it from happening in the first place. In fact, current research suggests that 50-85% of women will experience back pain at some stage during their pregnancy, with other common complaints including wrist pain and leg cramps. Their bodies are changing daily throughout pregnancy and this unfortunately places additional strain on muscles and joints. With average weight gain during pregnancy being approximately 20-30 lbs and mostly around the abdomen, it's easy to see why the back, hips, knees, and ankles may become overloaded. Though many women adopt strategies to cope with the pain - such as yoga, pilates, swimming etc - a large majority will experience some form of musculoskeletal discomfort that warrants treatment - and Chiropractic can help!

Generally, a pregnant woman's centre of gravity will shift throughout the three trimesters as weight becomes distributed in different regions. For example, as the belly becomes more pronounced, this will sometimes cause awkward standing posture and subsequent overloading of muscles and joints - which can cause back pain. Weakening of stretched abdominal muscles doesn't help the situation and may lead to more problems. Furthermore, some women are subjected to sciatic-type pain extending into the buttock and down the leg, which can be debilitating. In my experience, it is best to seek out treatment early rather than later. Consult a chiropractor and get a clinical opinion as soon as symptoms occur. Regardless of which stage of pregnancy, chiropractors can offer relief with treatment to muscles and joints - and it's safe for pregnant women and their developing baby.

My advice to pregnant women is to stay moderately active throughout pregnancy, perform pregnancy stretches daily, drink adequate amounts of water, adopt a hobby that brings calmness into your life such as yoga, and never stop smiling during this fabulous journey.

If back pain is getting you down, Chiro Clinic Moncton can help.


Dr Ryan Coster is an experienced Chiropractor offering safe and effective chiropractic care to pregnant women in the Greater Moncton area. Call (506) 852-3900 for an Appointment.

29 Mountain Road, Moncton NB

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