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Back Pain - What Not To Do

At Chiro Clinic Moncton, I consult many patients who are seeking relief for both acute and chronic spinal pain. In modern times, it would seem many people are suffering with back pain, and this may attributed to a variety of factors. Regardless of the cause, it is important to know what to do and more importantly what not to do when experiencing any form of back pain.

As a general rule, bed rest is no longer recommended for acute or chronic back pain. For many decades, it was common practice for healthcare practitioners to suggest resting in bed for a few days after sustaining a spinal injury. Big mistake! Except for very rare serious cases of spinal pain, lack of movement when lying down for prolonged periods will not only delay recovery but may also significantly worsen a patient's symptoms. Restoring mobility to an injured region of your back is crucial, which is why chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists will regularly suggest going for a walk after receiving treatment. Additionally, we will prescribe appropriate exercises and stretches to prevent re-injury.

When experiencing back pain, it is best to consult a chiropractor as quickly as possible to establish a diagnosis and avoid unnecessary prolonging of symptoms. Don't delay!

Back Pain? Don't Lay in Bed - Stay Mobile.


Dr Ryan Coster is an experienced Chiropractor providing muscle and joint treatment to the people of Greater Moncton. He provides comprehensive chiropractic treatment for fast resolution of symptoms. Call (506) 852-3900 for an Appointment.

29 Mountain Road, Moncton NB

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