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Top 3 Golf Injuries

I have many years of experience in treating golf injuries, mostly while working with Australian former LPGA pro golfer Shani Waugh. Together, we developed a biomechanical assessment program where we examined swing paths and highlighted areas that were potentially vulnerable to injury. Besides the common repetitive strain known as golfer's elbow, these are the most common injuries treated at Chiro Clinic Moncton.

1. Rib Joints - When swinging a golf club properly, most rotation comes from the upper/mid back (thoracic spine), which is where your ribs are also located. When being too aggressive or not shifting your hips early enough in the swing, you risk over-rotating the spine and jamming the ribs. This typically leads to pain and swelling in the rib joints and sprained ligaments - most commonly on the left side in a right-handed golfer.

2. Medial Meniscus of the Knee - During the downward swing, not properly translating your weight from one leg to the other will place too much strain on cartilage located on the inside of the knee. Over time, this leads to wear and tear - most often affecting the right knee of a right-handed golfer.

3. Lumbar Spine Facet Joints - An overly aggressive follow-through after impact with a golf ball may pinch your lumbar spine where it connects to the pelvis, mostly the right side on a right-handed golfer. A full turn is essential, however many golfers lift their head too early causing over-extension of the lower back - which leads to pain and swelling.

Fortunately, I can provide effective treatment for these injuries, which allows golfers to return to play rather quickly. Chiro Clinic Moncton offers pain relief, but also suggests rehabilitative stretches and exercises to prevent re-injury. Additionally, I highly recommend all serious golfers consider getting assessed at clinic, prior to suffering an injury. Don't wait for pain - prevention is key.


Dr Ryan Coster enjoys assessing and treating golf injuries. With exceptional treatment and individualized exercise prescription, incredible results can be achieved. Call (506) 852-3900 for an Appointment.

29 Mountain Road, Moncton NB

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