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Do You Have a Healthcare Team?

Since I started working as a Chiropractor, I have always recommended and embraced a team-based approach to patient healthcare. In other words, I believe that a multidisciplinary approach to a person's health is ideal and that different types of healthcare providers each offer their own benefits, which is often amplified when working together.

As a patient-focused Chiropractor, I accept that my treatments are not the "be all, end all" of healthcare and that some patients would be better cared for by another member of their healthcare team through co-management or referral. Professionals who I regularly work with include:

Family Doctors

Massage Therapists


Exercise Physiologists

Medical Specialists




Everyday, I write letters to these health professionals to enhance interprofessional communication and offer better outcomes for my patients via a team-based approach. Healthcare works better as a cohesive collaborative unit, rather than a bunch of individual parts.

All of us medical practitioners have something unique to offer our patients and, in my experience, these services are amplified when combined together. My advice is to surround yourself with a team of healthcare practitioners dedicated to providing you with patient-focused service that is based on the latest research and current. After all, five pairs of eyes on your case if often better than one.

Dr Ryan Coster - Chiro Clinic Moncton (506) 852-3900

29 Mountain Road, Moncton NB

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