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Core Stability Doesn't Need to Be Complicated - Do This Exercise Daily!

At Chiro Clinic Moncton, you can be sure that at least a few times per day, I'll be asked about Core Stability. It seems that the general public are aware about the importance of developing and maintaining a strong core to prevent injury. However, with the increasing amount of confusing exercise programs and people not having enough time in their daily lives, unfortunately core stability is falling by the wayside. :(

It doesn't need to be this way! Core stability is a simple idea, and exercises that will have positive effects on developing strong core can be relatively easy. Let's go back to the basics! Chiro Clinic Moncton embraces the importance of incorporating relevant exercise to maximise recovery from an injury, or to avoid an injury from occurring in the first place. And it doesn't need to be complicated!

Here's a video from Physitrack outlining a very simple exercise that most people could easily do at home. Perform this daily for 2 minutes, twice per day. Core stability exercises need to be done regularly, but they don't need to be fancy or intimidating! This is a start!

Dr Ryan Coster - Chiro Clinic Moncton (506) 852-3900

29 Mountain Road, Moncton NB

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